Former Congressional Candidate Casper Stockham
weighs in on Colorado’s gubernatorial race!

Denver, Colorado: Former congressional candidate Charles (Casper) Stockham weighs in on Colorado’s 2018 gubernatorial race with thoughts, insights and solutions from a “We The People” prospective!

StockhamThe 2018 gubernatorial race in Colorado is going to come down to big money on the left or right and we the people. We can choose the status quo and see very little to no change for the better or We The People can choose to move our state forward in a positive and beneficial way!

For far too long the people of Colorado have been divided by politics in the capitol. The establishment elite of both parties have continually played us against one another: Left vs. Right, Front Range vs. Western Slope, rich vs. poor, Environmentalists vs. Agriculture and the list goes on. We must reject their premises and unplug from the noise Stockham says.

Stockham – Un-affiliated voters now make up almost a 3rd of the voters in Colorado. Many have left the Republican and Democratic Parties due to a high degree of mistrust and belief that the parties are 2 sides of the same coin.

Our state needs a S.P.A.R.K, System, Plan, Access, Resources and Knowledge.

So when I vote for governor in the great state of Colorado these are the TOP 10 Issues my preferred administration would address and solve!

  1. Facilitate the reduction of Homelessness by at least 90%
    Problem: Homelessness is a 90 – 100% solvable problem in Colorado when the right methods of access to work, accelerated independence and accountability are applied.
    Solution: The next governor could solve this problem in a very short period of time by tapping into current innovative working solutions and get the number one problem out of the way and that problem is the government itself.
  2. Provide better Veteran services ensuring 100% are served
    Problem: Our veterans deserve all the help we can possibly give them.
    Solution: The next governor should make sure we would have 0 homeless veterans and 0 veterans in need of services who are currently not getting them. NO veteran should have to travel past excellent medical facilities only to have to wait in line for help or services.
  3. Facilitate more Jobs in the inner city and rural areas
    Problem: Our Statewide unemployment rate is pretty good however in rural communities and our inner cities the unemployment rate is unacceptable in the double digits.
    Solution: The next governor should launch several SBA micro business purpose centers and place them in the rural communities and inner cities to help equalize the unemployment rate Statewide. These centers would equip our youth and workforce for the jobs of tomorrow.
  4. Facilitate more and cleaner Energy options
    Problem: Colorado is a net Energy producing state. It is core to our economic future. We are a leader in Coal, Natural Gas and Alternative energy sources of wind, solar and hydro-electric power. It is essential that continue.
    Solution: The next governor can no longer tolerate the politicians in Denver preventing energy development pitting environmental activists against energy companies. We must have the safest protocols for our energy development but no longer allow the derailing of our resources. The Jobs created by Energy Development is essential to our Western Slope and rural citizens.
  5. Aid in better parent control and Educational choices
    Problem: Colorado has done well when it comes to educational choice
    however we can do much better.
    Solution: The next governor must ensure there be more school choice and a system ensuring ALL parents, including the inner city and rural communities, have the means to send their children to the school of their choice. They should also support home school and home school cooperative options as well.
  6. Provide safer and faster legal Immigration policies
    Problem: We are a strong nation of legal immigrants. However over the years we have allowed our immigration system to fail us. Our City governments have selfishly subverted our Federal Government enforcement of illegal immigration by granting sanctuary city status to municipalities in our state. Immigration support service is poorly run and administered which forces people into the shadows instead of giving them the opportunity to succeed.
    Solution: The next governor should make it easier for legal immigration while protecting our Colorado citizens from criminal and gang elements that have profited off of the illegal immigration and sex trafficking market. This means we would reduce the regulations on the development of small business and vigorously prosecute those who take advantage of disadvantaged immigrants.
  7. Promote better and less expensive Health-care choices
    Problem: ACA has left us with higher cost and fewer choices in health-care. 150 – 200% increases in health-care are coming to Colorado very soon.
    Solution: The next governor should seek out free market solutions like Direct Care, Preventive Care, Alternative Care to include, Chiropractic Care, Massage, Acupuncture, and HAS’s to make sure we get the best care at the lowest prices available. In reality health-care should only cost an average family of 4 around $200 a month.
  8. Facilitate innovative Infrastructure improvements
    Problem: Colorado’s population is growing faster than most states and our roads and bridges are not capable of handling the new growth. For decades the State Legislature has given us a bait and switch with highways and transportation. We have spent billions on RTD and I-25 has been used as an incentive for the taxpayers to spend more money on transportation but our government has failed to deliver on improved maintenance and capacity for I-25.
    Solution: The next governor must immediately expand I-25 from The Wyoming border to South of Pueblo. Also work with private transportation innovators to make sure we are ready and able to meet the transportation demands of the future. In addition CDOT must be reformed with new leadership to meet the transportation needs of Colorado Taxpayers and not the expansion of their own fiefdom.
  9. Provide better Housing and slow down gentrification
    Problem: Colorado has had a housing issue for years and yet it never seems to get any better. AND when new money shows up it turns Black and Brown suburbs into Gentrified communities in its wake.
    Solution: The next governor must support efforts to keep people in their family
    homes and make sure their neighborhoods stay safe, intact and prosperous.
  10. Promote Federal Term Limits in DC
    Problem: DC is corrupt and dysfunctional. We can improve Colorado but the real problems will always come from DC.
    Solution: The next governor should support term limits for ALL federal elected and
    appointed officials which would include the Supreme Court as well. Even the person with great intentions tends to get corrupted over time.