Former Congressional Candidate Casper Stockham weighs
in with positive solutions regarding gentrification!

Denver, Colorado Former Congressional Candidate Casper Stockham weighs in with thoughts, insights and positive solutions regarding gentrification in the Black and Brown communities!

StockhamAfter watching the Ink! Coffee protests in the historic Five Points area it has become clear that government and city officials have failed our community once again. Instead of creating real solutions to address the issue, they have made it worse with political policies that have negatively affected and failed families in our inner cities and across our great state.

If the protesters win, we lose a viable business in the community. If the winds of gentrification win, we lose diverse communities that the city was built upon.

Gentrification without community opportunity has citizens at odds with the very same policies and political leaders they vote for year after year. Gentrification never affects healthy communities, so a healthy community should be the focus.

Stockham There is a better community solution that is a win-win for all involved, including local businesses. We can provide real community solutions to the problems that have plagued our inner cities and rural communities for decades, but we must address the problem, not the symptoms.

If I were the governor of Colorado I would release a 5-point plan that would provide real solutions to problems in the inner city and rural communities like: high unemployment, high crime, homelessness, sex trafficking and the lack of access to resources and prosperity. See below.

  • Identify a community solutions director and staff.
  • Identify organizations and resources that are already doing good work.
  • Work with local community leaders who want to see real positive change.
  • Create Empowerment Purpose Centers in the inner city and rural areas.
  • Remove government red tape that would stop any of the above from happening.

– END –