Meet Casper

Casper and his lovely wife Cheryl are parents to 3 daughter and 3 grand daughters! They are also Christian marriage coaches and they have a weekly radio program talking about Christian marriage and healthy relationships.

I have lived in Colorado since 1989 and I have seen many changes in the state. Today Denver has been listed as the number one city to live for 2 years in a row but our inner city communities have not changed in the past 60 years.

I am running for congress because I am tired of the lying, cheating, stealing and back room deals that seem to always exclude the inner city and rural communities. Folks we can do much better and if I am elected as the next congressman in Colorado I will show the community what honest servant leadership looks like. – It’s a new day! It’s time to throw the bums out!

BIO: Congressional Candidate, CEO, LPR Graduate 2014, Author, Speaker, Former Radio Show Host, Business Trainer, 6 SIGMA Change Agent, Financial Services Specialist, Business Analyst, Internet Reputation Specialist.


  1. Honor GOD
  2. Protect America and its legal citizens
  3. Fight for Freedom and Liberty around the world

MY 3-2-1 PLAN:

  1. $300,000.00 minimum in campaign contributions
  2. 200,000 direct voter touches
  3. 100 community Action Team volunteers


Crime & Drug Violence – Bullying – Suicide & School Failure
Sexual Abuse & Trafficking – Homelessness & VET Services
Gentrification – Un-Employment – Better Job Skills


  1. Promise to be an honest servant leader in congress.
  2. Promise to locate my congressional office in the inner community.
  3. Promise to hire a “Director of Community Solutions” from the inner community.
  4. Promise to sponsor monthly Problem, Solution Action meetings with community leaders.
  5. Promise to conduct monthly conference calls with community Action Team members.
  6. Promise to conduct quarterly open mic community listening events.
  7. Promise to sponsor 1 congressional intern from the community each year.
  8. Promise to personally conduct quarterly inner community civics workshops.
  9. Promise to sponsor 1 workshop student essay winner, with chaperon, each year in DC.
  10. Promise to support term limits & term limit my time in office.