Former Congressional Candidate Casper Stockham
weighs in on Colorado’s congressional race!

Denver, Colorado: Former congressional candidate Charles (Casper) Stockham weighs in on Colorado’s 2018 congressional race with thoughts, insights and solutions from a “We The People” prospective!

StockhamThe 2018 congressional race in Colorado is going to come down to big money on the left or right and we the people. We can choose the status quo and see very little to no change for the better or We The People can choose to move our state forward in a positive and beneficial way!

For far too long the people of Colorado have been divided by politics in the capitol. The establishment elite of both parties have continually played us against one another: Left vs. Right, Front Range vs. Western Slope, rich vs. poor, Environmentalists vs. Agriculture and the list goes on. We must reject their premises and unplug from the noise Stockham says.

Stockham – Un-affiliated voters now make up almost a 3rd of the voters in Colorado. Many have left the Republican and Democratic Parties due to a high degree of mistrust and belief that the parties are 2 sides of the same coin.

We need to launch (P.S.A.C’s) Problem or Opportunity, Solution and Action Committee’s across the country. CLICK HERE for more details.

Our state needs a (S.P.A.R.K), System, Plan, Access, Resources and Knowledge.